The first Friday in June is always National Doughnut Day. But it's more than a day to celebrate the delicious baked good, there's a patriotic message behind the celebration dating back to World War 1. Here's the story and where you can find free doughnuts.

National Doughnut Day got its start in 1938 as a way to honor Salvation Army workers and to help those affected by the Great Depression. During World War I, the Salvation Army studied ways to help young US soldiers being sent overseas. It led to the establishment of canteens where enlisted men could find baked goods and writing supplies. Staffing the canteens with mostly women known as "Lassies", the ladies quickly became known as "Doughnut Girls" to the soldiers. Read more on the official celebration on the Doughnut Day

Various businesses will be commemorating the day, one is Holland Farms in Whitesboro. They are keeping the message on those women who provided peace of mind to our fighting men and the Salvation Army's effort. Friday, June 7 donate at least $1 to the Red Kettle Fund and Holland Farms will give you a free doughnut.

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