Rob Thompson of Oxford is proudly serving with the 1156th Engineer Company in the New York Army National Guard, which is based out of Kingston and Camp Smith.1818

Thompson and his unit are in the middle of conducting missions in the United States Central Command area of operations and the 1156th Engine Company will play a vital support role in Operation Inherent Resolve by accepting vertical engineering missions as they come up, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.


Thompson’s wife, Jessica would like to show her appreciation for these brave men and woman and shower them with love via care packages. Jessica has teamed up with the Fort Hill American Legion Post 376 (17 South Washington Avenue in Oxford) to make that happen and has extended an invitation to our community to participate.

Jessica is ecstatic about this project, "I told some friends that I was putting together a care package for Rob's unit. They told me to put up some flyers, and then the whole thing snowballed from there. I'm so grateful for all the support!"

According to Jeanie Petersen, Community Relations for Oxford, items being collected for care packages include (but aren’t limited to):

  • 1

    Food Items

    Beef jerky and Slim Jims
    Powdered drinks (iced tea, Gatorade, hot chocolate, etc.
    Protein and granola bars
    Energy drinks
    Cans and packets of tuna
    Canned or cupped fruit
    Dried fruit, nuts and vegetables
    Sauces (hot sauce, bbq sauce
    Ground coffee and coffee creamer
    Instant oatmeal

  • 2

    Toiletry Items

    Baby wipes
    Head & Shoulders shampoo
    Body wash (for men and for women)
    Shaving cream and razors
    Deodorant (for men and for women)
    Toothbrushes and toothpaste
    Lotion and Chapstick
    Icy Hot
    Asprin, ibuprofen, Tylenol
    Foot powder
    Hand sanitizer and hand soap

  • 3

    Miscellaneous Items

    Puzzle books (word, number)
    Laundry pods and dryer sheets
    Cleaning cloths for glasses and glass cleaner
    Plastic model kits
    Itunes/Google gift cards
    Card games and DVDs
    Throw blankets
    Travel games.

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