When a car owner in China found a stray dog in his designated parking spot, he didn't think twice about giving the dog a swift kick in the ribs. Little did he know, that dog has friends!

After the man went inside, the dog returned with a few of his fellow stray friends, ready to get some revenge. The dogs didn't stop until they felt they were equal with the man and managed to leave obvious dents all around the exterior and even ripping off the car's windshield wipers!

I love this story because its a true testament that animals are just like us - they have friends, they love, and they like getting revenge! I also think it's hilariously amazing that the neighbor who took pictures, which you can see here, didn't go outside and stop the dogs or even tell the owner! He or she just let it roll and continued snappin' pictures!

If there is anything we can learn from this story, it's that we should never kick a dog, not because they have friends and they'll tear our cars apart, but because it's just wrong!