After numerous failed attempts, finally, this 12-year-old dog was heroically saved. Thankfully what could have been tragic, turned out to be much better.

What complicated the issue was where the dog was stuck, in between two rocks with a very narrow crevice to separate them. It made it insanely difficult to save the pup whose name is Liza. A woman was hiking at the Minnewaska State Park with the dog when tragedy struck. The dog became trapped in the crevice, and park officials were called. Sadly, the officials were unable to rescue the hiker's pet.

That happened on Thursday, October 7th according to New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. This cute pup was trapped in the narrow crevice until Tuesday, October 12th. Cameras were put down into where the dog was to check on it, to make sure it was at least okay for the time being. The saviors of the dog were called in from out of New York State. The New Jersey Initial Response Team came in, they have expertise in cave rescues and were lucky to be able to get in the crevice.

 "This was a tight vertical fissure leading to an even tighter horizontal crack. Only Jessica Van Ord, our smallest team member, was able to squeeze and contort herself more than 40 feet from the surface to reach the dog. This incident is a reminder that a single misstep, whether by animal, child, or even adult, near caves or cliffs can be deadly. We were glad to work with the professionals at New York State Parks and the Ulster County SPCA to have the best possible outcome this time." - Mark Dickey, Chief of the New Jersey Initial Response Team

Thankfully the SPCA inspected Liza to make sure she was okay. When deemed to be in good health, she was thankfully able to be reunited with her owner.

Dog Rescued At New York State Park After 5 Days Of No Food Or Water

Thank you to everyone involved including the New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation officers, the members of the SPCA, NJIRT members who shimmied into the crevice for the save, and members of the local fire departments who helped bring Liza back to the surface safe and sound.

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