Father's Day is this Sunday and is it just me or does it feel different this year?  My dad, Carl (I call him "Pops") lives in Warren Center, Pa, and for a while during the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn't able to go see him and my mom.

It's not like I travel out there a lot (which is a huge mistake on my part), but when I couldn't go, it made me realize that I was taking it all for granted (another big mistake). I have the feeling that I'm not the only one. Were you able to visit with your father during the lockdown?

My dad has been an inspiration to me for my whole life and I hope that he knows it. He coached my Little League team and he and my mom were the leaders of our Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) group.

He taught me how to pitch modified softball and he was my catcher when I began playing in the adult softball leagues. He's a quiet man with a dry sense of humor that can catch you off guard.

I've been told that I got my sense of humor from him and my grandfather, Glenn. He's a man of faith and integrity who I respect and if I can be half the dad he is then I've done well.

Here's another thing that's different this year. Every year, we go to the Sunday round at the DICK'S Sporting Goods Open at En-Joie. It's been a tradition for us ever since the PGA Tour Champions our started coming to town..

The tournament isn't happening this year because of COVID-19 and that's sad in many ways. However not going to the final round with my dad is the thing that I will miss the most. As the saying goes, "There's always next year" but there is another saying "Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone."

Happy Father's Day to you Pops and I"ll see you in Warren Center this weekend. I also want to say a special Happy Dad Day to all the men that are fathers, father figures, and to the men that make a difference in other people's lives.

What are you doing differently for dad this Father's Day?

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