Well, well, well. It seems like even the House of Mouse isn't immune to unwelcome visitors!

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In a twist of irony, Disney's New York headquarters on 66th Street has found itself dealing with a not-so-magical dilemma—an infestation of mice. Oh yeah, and fleas. It's not exactly the enchanting atmosphere you'd expect from the House of Mickey.

As the marquee rodents of Disney properties, one could argue that their presence was fitting but we’re sure that the office employees would disagree. Last week, an email was sent to the office's staff, urging them to quickly evacuate the mouse-infected floor until further notice. It seems they're in for a temporary change of scenery.

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According to an insider who spilled the beans to Page Six, the current Disney/ABC buildings are slated for demolition to make way for new high rises. As a result, the maintenance of the premises might have fallen off the radar. This lack of upkeep has caused its share of frustrations, with broken elevators becoming a frequent annoyance for the workers.

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Perhaps Disney's New York office could use some assistance from New York's rat czar to tackle this unexpected critter conundrum.

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