If you are a part of the "Do Not Call" list you may be owed a significant amount of money from Dish Network.

If you received a sales call from Dish Network between 2010-2011 you may be owed $1,200 in a class action lawsuit. There is currently an active class action lawsuit where people on the national Do Not Call Registry could receive a piece of $61 million.

The National Do Not Call registry currently has 230 millions phone numbers registered. The goal of this registry is to stop unwanted sales calls. The list has been somewhat effective, but has not been a complete success.

In the original lawsuit a judge ruled that every number, 51,000 in total, would be awarded $400 in damages if they received a call while being on the registry. Later on, a judge determined that Dish Network willingly and knowingly broke the law. The judge increased the payour to $1,200.

This is the second similar lawsuit with Dish Network. The additional lawsuit saw the courts order Dish Network to pay out $280 million due to violations.

If you suspect you received one of these calls and could be owed money, check your phone number at this link.

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