If you are in the mood for patriotic music this Memorial Day Weekend then we have the answer for you here. One of the songs that made the list is "Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash. It's not only a wonderful song but Johnny was inspired to write the song after a visit to Binghamton.

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Cash explained how it all went down on an episode of the Ralph Emery Show in the 1970s. Here's how the story goes: It was 1974 and political tension was very high (sound familiar.)The country was involved in political turmoil from the Watergate scandal, President Nixon's impeachment to the Vietnam War.

Johnny came to Binghamton to play at a private function. To pass the time, Cash took a walk around the area and ran into a man sitting on a bench by the courthouse (where the roundabout is now) and struck up a conversation.

Cash started talking about the courthouse and the flag that was in front of them. He noticed that both were looking a little shabby but the gentlemen replied that it was okay by him.

You can hear how the conversation (and the song) went from there:

That's our story and we're sticking to it, talk about Binghamton pride and hometown proud. Not only that, but Rebecca and Stephen Whitman from Stiletto's Fine Art Studio decided to honor the trip that led to "Ragged Old Flag with an amazing painting. It can be seen at the Bundy Museum, 129 Main Street in Binghamton.

[via Johnny Cash/Stiletto's Fine Art Studio]

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