Today I want to honor my friend, Chris with her own personal day. That's right, today December 4th is National Cookie Day and I want to honor the best cookie maker in the Southern Tier and beyond.

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Her cookies are so delicious that everyone call's her "Cookie Chris" and some people don't even know what her last name is. I'm not just saying this because I haven't eaten any of her cookies in a while and NO, this isn't a plea for a plate either...It's really not.

I would also like to honor my favorite cookie not made by Chris or my mom...the Oreo cookie. The only way to eat it is to dunk it in a frosted mug of milk. We all love the Oreo but there are some things that you may not know about the Oreo cookie.

Some people say here are some fun facts, I like to say here are some fun and facts. Here's the fun: What do you call someone who dips an Oreo into skim milk? Answer at the end.

Now the facts:

The cookie was created in 1912. The same year that the South Pole was discovered and the Titanic sank.

The Oreo cookie has been around for over 108 but they never go bad. They might but they never last long enough to find out. Several years ago, I had to limit myself to four Oreo's at one sitting. Sometimes I would need an additional sitting.

Half of all Oreo eaters pull apart their cookie before eating them. I think the other half is lying. Women twist them open more often than men. Is that because they are more twisted??? I'll let you decide.

Okay, the answer to "What do you call someone who dips an Oreo into skim milk? A hypocrite or Skinny Dipper.

So what's your favorite cookie?

I don't know about you but I really really could go for some Oreos right now, how about you? Here are some Oreos to get your hands on right now.

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