The madness all began when our son spotted a cute protective cover on our neighbor's Nintendo Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch cover was of a bright yellow character named 'Pikachu' from Pokémon and after my son asked our neighbor about him and was given a complete Pokémon history, our neighbor was also kind enough to give our son a few dozen Pokémon playing cards.

I never really gave Pokémon any thought before the day my son was introduced to it. Pokémon was first released in 1996 and I was already a teenager so I had no interest back then. I've got younger brothers who certainly knew what Pokémon was but I never imagined that 25 years later it would become something that my child would be really into although I suppose it really shouldn't come as a surprise since all that was big in the 90s is big again in 2021.

As much as I grumble about Pokémon, when I heard that Oreo had teamed up with Pokémon to release a limited-edition cookie, I knew I needed to see if I could find a package (and leverage them for good behavior) for my son and I did (the things we do for our kids, right?).

Mark Walsh

Adorable! I never thought I'd describe an Oreo cookie as being adorable, but these are. The cookies pay tribute to some of the most popular Pokémon such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle.

Each Oreo is embossed with the face of a character and just like in the Pokémon game, some of the characters are harder to find than others. As for the taste, they taste exactly like classic Oreos.

Traci Taylor

The Oreo website says you'll be able to find the limited-edition Pokémon themed Oreo cookies at Target and Walmart, but I found the ones for my son at Wegmans in Johnson City.

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