It's going to be a Super Weekend and not just because of the Big Game on Sunday. It'll have to share the day with the most underappreciated holiday of them all...Groundhog Day.

It's my favorite holiday and if I thought it got overlooked before then it'll really be overshadowed (get it, overshadowed) this year. It all started in Punxsutawney Pa on February 2nd, 1887 and it's still celebrated there today.

National Today did a Groundhog Day survey and this is what they found.

Half of Americans don't actually know when Groundhog Day is: When asked what date it was on, only 49% knew that it was on February 2nd. That disappoints Punxsutawney Phil and me. It could be a little different this year since it falls on the same day as that football game.

Americans are a little confused about Groundhog Day: 89% understand what Groundhog Day is. He looks at his shadow and predicts the weather...So you're telling me that 11% don't get that. Hmmm.

There is one thing that used to confuse this American. Why is it if Phil sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of winter? I used to think if he sees his shadow that meant the sun was out and winter is over.

According to legend, if Phil sees his shadow, he gets scared and runs and hides in his hole and winter will continue. Okay, it still sounds made up but who am I to judge.

Finally: 3% of Americans have used Groundhog Day as an excuse not to work. It'll be different this year since it falls on Sunday. Maybe some will use it as an excuse not to go to church but you shouldn't.

So how am I going to celebrate my favorite underappreciated holiday? I'm going to watch the Director's Commentary edition of Ground Day on DVD. It'll be a great way to spend some time before the Big Game starts...By the way, I'll be celebrating it alone.

So Happy 133rd anniversary as we enjoy another year of being underappreciated.


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