Naming Department of Transportation snowplows has become a trend and a nice one, a break from all of the craziness going on in the world around us.

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Many states have been running a "Name-a-Snowplow" contest and the name suggestions have been fantastic. In Minnesota, the possible names included "Plowasaurus Rex", "No More Mr. Ice Guy", and "Scoop Dogg." The runaway winner was "Betty Whiteout."

New York State Name a Snowplow Contest

In 2021, the  New York State Department of Transportation had a similar plow naming contest that they held during the New York State Fair in Syracuse.

Some of the names included "Plowy McPlowface," "Blizzard Lizzard," "Excelsior," and "Have Patience." And then, there was a suggestion for "Howe's Plow" to honor the life of a Candor resident killed while working on the road.

How Matt Howe Lost His Life

Howe's Plow is named in honor of DOT worker, Matt Howe from Candor. He was killed on March 13th, 2019 when he was parked on the highway shoulder in Nichols. A road repair crew was in the area and Howe was in an advance warning vehicle.

Howe's lights were flashing to let other drivers know that something was going on in the area ahead when Lawrence Faucett slammed his truck into Howe's vehicle and Howe was seriously injured.

Howe died five days later and Faucett would eventually be charged with criminally negligent homicide.

How Matt Howe's Legacy Will Continue to Live On

It was NO surprise that "Howe's Plow" ended up being the plow name contest winner for New York state in 2021 but today there is more news about Matt and Howe's Plow.

On Tuesday, February 8th, the Department of Transportation announced that several snowplows throughout New York will have the name "Howe's Plow." One snowplow in every region will carry that special name.

The DOT hopes that this will remind everyone to slow down and move over for the snowplows and other road work vehicles.

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