It was looking so good for me last night as the 20013-2014 football season kicked off. And then came the second half of the game when my team lost to Denver, which means I had to pay up on my friendly bet with Glenn this morning.

If you missed game one of the 2013-2014 football season last night, the Denver Broncos got their revenge for last year's heart- breaking loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Playoffs by stepping up in the second half and beating the Ravens 49 to 27.

If my team losing wasn’t enough, Peyton Manning became the sixth player in NFL history to throw seven touchdowns in a single game. The last player to do it was Minnesota's Joe Kapp in 1969 against the Baltimore Colts.

Inner Harbor is one of my favorite places (if you've never visited, you should-it's filled with awesome stores, an aquarium, cool ships and great places to eat) and Keith Urban sang to a crowd of thousands and thousands before the game started last night.  I saw a bunch of mixed reviews from friends posting about his performance on Facebook, including friends who were in the crowd.  Some thought he sounded great and others not so much.  I didn't think he was all that bad.

You’d think Glenn would be gloating this morning because the team he picked in our Pro Football Pick‘em won, but he’s been pretty cool about it.  I think it’s because the game that really matters to us is Monday night when my team, the Eagles take on his team, the Redskins.

So because Glenn’s pick won, I had to pay up by serving him coffee in his “pitch perfect” mug this morning and I'm pretty much his coffee maid, refilling his mug whenever his mouth gets dry.

If you’re following along with which teams each of us picked for week one, here you go:

Thursday September 5th:

Traci’s Pick
Baltimore over Denver: LOST

Glenn’s Pick:
Denver over Baltimore: WON

Sunday September 8th

Traci’s Picks:
New England over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Chicago
Miami over Cleveland
Detroit over Minnesota
New York Jets over Tampa Bay
Oakland over Indianapolis
Atlanta over New Orleans
Pittsburgh over Tennessee
Seattle over Carolina
Jacksonville over Kansas City
Green Bay over San Francisco
Arizona over St. Louis
Dallas over New York Giants

Glenn’s Picks:
New England over Buffalo
Chicago over Cincinnati
Cleveland over Miami
Minnesota over Detroit
Indianapolis over Oakland
New Orleans over Atlanta
Tampa Bay over New York Jets
Pittsburgh over Tennessee
Seattle over Carolina
Jacksonville over Kansas City
San Francisco over Green Bay
St. Louis over Arizona
Dallas over New York Giants

Monday September 9th

Traci’s Picks:
Philadelphia over Washington
Houston over San Diego

Glenn’s Picks:
Philadelphia over Washington (say what?!?)
San Diego over Houston

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