Buffalo and the Bills fans have done it again...AND I LOVE IT! Do you remember in 2017 when Andy Dalton (then with Cincinnati) threw a touchdown pass late in the game to beat Baltimore?

The Bengal's win over the Ravens allowed Buffalo to get into the playoffs with a wild-card berth. Shortly after that win, the Andy and JJ Dalton Foundation started getting money from Bill's fans.

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The foundation ended up getting more than $100,000 from the 4,500 participants. A lot of the money came in $17 increments because Buffalo had gone 17 years with a playoff appearance.

Andy's foundation supports and gives resources to families with seriously ill and physically challenged children in the Cincinnati area. Fast forward three years and the Bills fans have done it again and once again at the expense of Baltimore with the kids being the ultimate winner.

On Saturday, Lamar Jackson got knocked out of the game against Buffalo with a concussion and the Bills went on to win the game. So the "Bills Mafia" did their part and donated to Lamar's charity called "Blessings in a Backpack."

The Lousiville chapter of Blessings in a Backpack was started to make sure that kids in their underserved households go home for the weekend with food. In a day and a half, over 13,000 Bills fans donated more than $360,000 in $8 and $25 increments.

They chose 8 because the Baltimore quarterback wears the number 8 and 25 because that's the last time that Buffalo won a playoff game. Now the Buffalo Mafia is challenging the Chiefs Kingdom to help them get past the $500,000 before Sunday's games.

So it's on to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs I wonder what Patrick Mahome's favorite charity is? LET'S GO BUFFALO!

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