Dating rituals in today’s world are much different than the traditional chances meetings in our parents days, today internet dating sites are the norm.

Today we live in a world of social networks, and this includes hundreds of on-line dating sights, and pretty much anything goes in today’s dating world, no matter your age or sexual preference.

I grew up in a world without the internet, computers, or smart phones, we met people through our friends, family, school or other activities we were involved in.
(I also had a cousin who would fix me up with her girlfriends too)

I was thrust into the dating scene after quite of few years in a relationship, and there I was, sitting in a one room apartment on a futon, staring at the wall saying “what the hell happened?”

I tried on line dating (on and off) for a few years, and actually met a lot of very nice woman, but the initially chemistry that we all strive for was not there.

In 2009 I made my New Years resolution that the girl for me was out there, I just had to find her. I got on a few dating sights, and starting reaching out to profiles that caught my eye. I went on a lot of dates, I can’t even tell you how many, but I was honest and upfront with everyone while I searched for her.

In April I got a quick message from NurseMaureen, I replied and we exchanged e mails and then phone calls, on May 1st 2009 we met for a drink and 4 hours later we were still talking and enjoying each others company.

Maureen and I were married in 2012 and without on line dating I would have never found her.

If you’re single and feeling discouraged, I hope this will motivate you to put yourself out there and try again, don’t give up, there is someone out there for you too.

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