Chris Thater was a vibrant 23-year-old Binghamton University graduate and huge fan of cycling when his life was cut short by a drunk driver on October 16, 1984.

As a way to honor and memorialize Thater, the Chris Thater Memorial Races were born. Since 1984, the Broome County STOP-DWI Program has held the races to remember the incredible individual Thater was and to also bring the seriousness of drunk driving and traffic safety to the attention of the public.

The 33rd Annual Chris Thater Memorial Races will be held in downtown Binghamton on Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th and are expected to draw no less than a thousand athletes and at least 5,000 spectators. Several downtown Binghamton roads will closed, so you might want to prepare yourself in advance by checking out the list of closures.

If you're interested in registering for the Chris Thater Memorial Races, you can check out the registration page and schedule of events. If you’re more comfortable registering in person or by mail, registration flyers are available to print on the website. You can also register near the intersection of Court and Water Streets in downtown Binghamton from 8am to 9:40am.

Whether it’s your first race, second, or maybe you’ve been participating so long that you've completely lost count of how many races you've participated in, this Binghamton favorite is worth lacing up your sneakers for!

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