Craig Campbell has been highlighting female artists every week during his video series, Woman Cover Wednesday. In this week's edition, he covers Alanis Morissette's fiery 1996 hit "Ironic."

Seated alone with his acoustic guitar, Campbell puts his own spin on the iconic '90s song with his deep vocals and slowed guitar strumming.

Campbell has previously covered female artists including Maren Morris, Martina McBride and Katy Perry, among others. He kicked off the series in April with Morris' "My Church," which he called a song that he "can't get enough of." Each week, he urges fans to let him know who to cover next.

When he's not covering the females of country and pop music, Campbell is promoting his new single "Outskirts of Heaven." In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Campbell shares how the song came to be.

“Well, it was an idea that I just had. I was kind of just sitting around the house and thought about heaven,” he explains. “I grew up a strong Southern Baptist home and I don’t pretend to know everything about the bible, but I do know that in the Book of Revelations they say that heaven is paved with gold and pearly gates and these big mansions and bright lights.”

His says that his idea of heaven is that it’s a “big city,” but that doesn’t really suit Campbell.

“I can’t imagine living downtown Heaven because I’m not a city boy,” the country boy says, adding that he hopes the Lord knows him well enough to save him “a few acres.”

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