This last decade has been good to me. So, so good to me. I’ve had the honor of spending seven of the last ten years waking up with you every morning on the Hawk Morning Show. This decade also gave me the love of my life, my partner, my best friend - my husband as well as a precious child that I was told I would never be able to have. No doubt, this has been the decade that defied the odds for me.

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When I look back on the country songs of the last decade, these are the ones that have had the most meaning to me, the ones that defined my decade.

  • Old Dominion, "Song for Another Time"

    I associate everything in my life with a song. Literally, everything and this song name drops all of my favorites.

  • Miranda Lambert, “The House that Built Me”

    My car somehow always finds its way to my old house in the town in which I grew up whenever I go back 'home'  and I find myself sitting in front of the home that helped to shape me into who I am. This song really resonates with me because I too wish I could walk through the doors just one more time.  Oh, the stories the walls of that house hold.

  • Brett Eldridge, “Mean to Me”

    My husband and I had the most unconventional wedding. We got married in the backyard of some friends and invited absolutely no one. Even two weeks later when we had our reception, we did a casual BBQ rather than an actual reception so we never got to have a "first dance," but this is our "wedding' song." With so many great songs to pick from, this is the one that we both agreed on because of the lyrics. It will forever be "our" song.

  • Carrie Underwood, “Something in the Water”

    Faith is something that is incredibly important to me and is a big part of my life. When this song came out, I'd just lost someone I was close to, but this song brought me so much comfort.

  • Zac Brown Band, "Colder Weather"

    In 2014, the Zac Brown Band rolled into town to perform at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open and it was there, in his tour bus, that I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Zac one on one about life and about parenting. Zac was one of the first to know that I was expecting a baby and offered to help me break the news by taking a photo pointing at my growing belly while my husband held up the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting." This is my favorite Zac Brown Band song.

  • Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert, "We Were Us"

    In the last decade, this is the single duet that has stopped me in my tracks whenever I've heard it. I find this song electrifying and can't help but crank it up to full volume to sing along every single time.

  • Thomas Rhett, "Die a Happy Man"

    Gah, this song gives me the weepy chills whenever I hear it. This is my husband's favorite song and one that he has sung to our little boy every night since John was born nearly five years ago. Now, John's little voice pops up and he sings along with his daddy and my heart melts all over again.

  • Chris Stapleton, “Tennessee Whiskey"

    Chris Stapleton has had a lot of hits, but this is the song that made me go out and buy his 2015 debut studio album, Traveller. You know how some people have their driving music? Traveller is my driving music, the whole album. I crank all the songs up, but "Tennessee Whiskey" is the one that gets me singing at the top of my lungs.

  • Dierks Bentley, "Bourbon in Kentucky"

    While this last decade brought me the greatest joys of my life, it also took some very special people away from me just as it did to Dierks who wrote this song following the death of his dad. When I'm missing one of my friends desperately and need a good cry, this is the song that I put on.

  • Charlie Worsham, "How I Learned to Pray"

    Oh, how I wanted this song to be released to radio, but it was just too ahead of its time and the only people who have heard it are those who have Charlie's "Rubberband" album or who have had the chance to hear Charlie play live. You'll have to listen to the lyrics in the video below to fully understand why I love this song so much.

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