Of all the possibilities, what do you think should be the official state candy of New York State? While there are many "favorites" and "most popular" candies, there is no official state candy yet in the Empire State. But, perhaps there be.

It was reported that legislators in Pennsylvania are pushing to make the Hershey Kiss the official candy of PA.

Rep. Tom Mehaffie, R-Dauphin has said

“Denoting the [Hershey’s] Kiss as the state candy will not only bring more attention to our state but also commemorate a company and candy that has forever impacted our state’s economy and values,” Mehaffie, whose district includes Hershey, wrote in the memo.

Here in Buffalo, just about everyone knows and loves sponge candy! We can debate who has the best in the area. But one thing is for sure, it is a true Buffalo favorite and so unique that it is only fitting that the official state candy come from the second largest city in New York State!

Why not sponge candy? It is not only a sweet treat, it makes a great gift and besides wings and beef on weck, is one of the signature foods we specialize in here in Western New York!

There are 70 million Hershey Kisses made every single day! We might not have that much sponge candy on shelves or in production, but that shouldn't keep us from putting it in to consideration for the official state candy! Hey, elected officials, any chance you could help make it happen?

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