We have all heard the saying that "this is for the birds."  It apparently has to do with the seeds, that birds would get from horse droppings but that is a story for another day. This story is about the birds...specifically ducks.

On Thursday morning, May 20th, the Cortlandville Fire Department (CVFD) responded to a call of ducks that were trapped in a storm drain. The area was going quackers as the initial reports stated that a mother and 3 other ducklings were trapped in a storm drain.

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The CVFD personnel responded to 3942 Rte. 282 in front of Little Ceasars, opened the drain cover and like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, instead of 4 ducks, it was 7 ducklings. Apparently, the original 4 ducked out before help arrived and headed behind the Tops Plaza.

The Lucky Ducks


The 7 lucky ducks were rescued and attempts were made to reunite them with their mother but alas their efforts were foiled. While trying to reunite these birds of a feather, members of the CVFD saw a fox in the area. They were able to get all of the 7 ducks in a row and turned them over to a rescue home where they are being cared for.

The Cortlandville Fire Department along with the Town of Cortlandville Water and Sewer, New York State DOT, and the Cortland County SPCA did a quack-tackular job.

This story really quacks me up and I hope it brought a little smile to your bill today. Check out the entirely true story below.

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