Did you hear about the person who recently set a world record by eating 255 Marshmallow Peeps in five minutes?  Competitive eaters how do they do it?

I’m not sure if there is a scientific explanation on how someone can stuff extremely large amounts of food down their throat in record time.

I had a chance to visit with National Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey ‘Jaws’ Chesnut a few years ago when he was here to defend his Worlds Chicken Spiedie Eating Championship Title.

The previous year Joey consumed 13.75 spiedies in the 10 minutes contest, which set the worlds record and gave 'Jaws' the first championship title in this event.

Joey came back and won again of course, but one of the first questions I asked him was How do you prepare for a food eating competition?

He said he really doesn’t prepare, in fact prior to the first Chicken Spiedie event, Joey had never eaten a spiedie.

According to the website Brobible, Competitive eater Matt Stonie, the guy who downed 255 peeps in five minutes, has set other records including 13 slices of cheesecake in one minute and twenty five Big Macs in twenty two minutes.

Thousands of calories that most of us would consume in a week in less than a half hour.

Competitive eaters, are they freaks of nature? I think the bigger question is why would you eat that much food in one sitting?

I know how I feel when I eat one slice of cheese cake, one Big Mac or a chicken spiedie sandwich, and I can’t eat Marshmallow peeps.

I can’t even imagine the after effects on the digestive system and trips to the bathroom.

Joey Chesnut and Matt Stonie have been fierce competitors over the last few years, Stonie upset Chesnut for the Hot Dog eating contest but Jaws had his revenge last year

Check out some of their finest food eating moments below






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