You love to eat and I love to eat. When I was walking around Spiediefest this weekend, I could tell that we all love to eat. There were so many choices to choose from at Otsiningo Park and by the looks of the lines, we were enjoying the different foods that were being offered.

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I've even used my eating powers for good in the past by participating in the Pancake Eating contest at the CNY Maple Festival in Marathon. I was helping to raise money for the Women's Hope Home in Johnson City. I have to admit that it was nice to eat as many flapjacks as I could in 15 minutes with NO ONE judging me.

Speaking of competitive eating, wanted to find out which US state was the best when it came to that competition in 2023. So how did New York do? We'll see at the end.

Top Competitive Eating States In The US

The research team at went all out to figure out the top 10 states. They looked at six different factors for every state. They took into account: the number of native Major League Eaters (MLE) eaters, the count of eating world records, the quantity of MLE contests held in 2023, the ratio of 'Man vs. Food' eateries per capita, the review score of those eateries, and the Google Trends Score for the 'Man vs. Food' keyword over the past year.

After all that, an average score was figured out for each state, and they were ranked from top to bottom to create the ultimate top 10 list. Nevada takes the cake by finishing first (literally)with an overall competitive eating score of 31. Illinois is eating seconds with Indiana helping themselves to a 3rd place finish.

But hey, New York didn't do bad at all by tying for seventh place. I think if we put in the work and keep at it, we can climb up the ladder (pound by pound) toward the coveted #1 spot. Check out the complete list here.

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