Throughout the year, most of us try here and there to maybe lose a bit of weight or get in better shape. Maybe we'll help a family member or friend do either, but how often do we try and help our pets trim down? Well, when his owner adopted him, she had no choice!

In June 2013, when Brook Burton met Dennis, a 56 pound miniature dachshunds, who was owned by her relative, she did everything in her power to convince the relative to give him up. Poor Dennis was being fed White Castle burgers, pizza, and tons of other human food and naturally, he blew up like Violet from Willy Wonka!

In an interview with MSN, Brooke said, "Out comes Dennis, and I couldn't believe it, I wasn't even sure what breed of dog he was supposed to be because he was so large."

That's enough to make anybody want to make some changes! Well, Brooke and Dennis have been working together since she adopted him and have seen incredible success! Dennis has since been given only dry dog food, lots of walks, and of course, affection!

Today, he is like a new pup! At 6 years old, he weighs only 12 pounds! Brooke says his personality changed,he wants to play with everybody, and his favorite hobby is chasing squirrels!

You go, Dennis and Brooke! What an inspiration - but also a reminder that what you feed your pets can change their life!

You can check out before and after pictures of Dennis here!