Thanksgiving is two weeks away, should those hosting the dinner pay for the whole meal themselves or charge guests per plate?

A just an article from buzzfeed that featured tweets from people who were charged for having dinner at a family or friends house.

One woman said her Aunt charged her $30 a plate and another said it was $10 to get in and $30 to eat.

I have been eating Thanksgiving dinners for over 50 years so I think I have some experience with the tradition.

We have dinner at our home each year and invite our children and some years other family and friends, and although we don’t surprise them with a fee for the meal, we do ask them to bring something to share with us.

I would recommend working that out as you make plans with others, ask them to bring dessert, rolls and a dish to pass, or go shopping together, maybe do lunch first.

Each year my wife says we’re going out to eat, but we always end up making dinner at home and having the kids over, so this year will be the same.

I suppose you could charge people for the meal, but I would inform them when you do the official invite.

Good luck with that.

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