With everything that has been going on around us for the past two years, we find ourselves thinking back to the "good old days" when we were younger. On Monday, January 17th, I saw a crowd of kids enjoying themselves as they were sledding and tubing down the big hill at Maine-Endwell High School.

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I stopped and just stood on top of the hill and listened to the laughter. It took me back to my grandmother's house when we would sleigh ride for hours down the hill and onto the pond.

Do you know what else has been taking me back in time? Popcorn. Wednesday, January 19th is "National Popcorn Day" and when I think of popcorn, it reminds me of Thursday nights in front of the TV watching the Waltons with my brother and sister.

My mom would bring us a bowl of popcorn to share. We would eat the first bowl and if we were good (and we always were), we would get another bowl to share. We would usually eat that bowl by tossing the popcorn in the air and catching it in our mouths

After all, we weren't getting a third bowl, so we may as well eat it the way that we want. Fast forward to this Christmas and my parents gave me a tub of popcorn that had three different flavors: Kettle (my favorite), original, and caramel.

When I returned home, I was watching football, munching popcorn out of the two-gallon tub, and loving every minute of it.  For an hour or so, I could just forget about all the craziness that surrounds all of us.

National Popcorn Day

So if you're looking for something to talk about at work today besides weather and politics, you can't go wrong talking about your favorite popcorn. If you really want to make your co-worker's day, bring in a big ol bag to share with everyone else.

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