Almost everything around us seems to be tearing us apart and we keep being told that we need to come together. Today, April 29th could be just the kind of day that we all need.

If you are having trouble shaking the stress of life then it's a great day to shake something else. In the words of KC and the Sunshine Band "Shake Your Booty." Today is "International Dance Day"  and dancing is universal and a true way to bring us all together...At least for one day.

Celebrating International Dance Day

April 29th is the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810) and he is considered the creator of modern ballet. The Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institue created "International Dance Day" in 1982 to show the amazing diversity and talent of dancers from all over the world.

To use Josh Turner's words, "Why Don't We Just Dance" and I suggest that we dance like there are no repercussions. Have you've been doing some stress eating and want to lose the Covid 19 (or more) pounds? If your home alone, crank up some Billy Idol and do some "Dancing With Myself."

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The best part of dancing when no one is around is you can freestyle it and you never make the wrong move. Tara and I love to dance to "Cotton Eye Joe" at the hockey games and even though the Devils aren't coming back to Binghamton, it doesn't mean we won't have professional hockey back again soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Dance Connection Raising Funds For Outdoor Community Stage

Speaking of Tara and dance: She dances at Dance Connection, 161 Castle Creek Road and they are trying to raise enough money to build an outdoor stage for the entire community to use. Their goal is to raise $50,000 and with your help, they'll make it.

They are set to break ground on May 24th but can still use your help, find out how you can make a difference here, and let's get ready to dance, dance, dance.

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