Today is National Black Cat Day. We adopted a black cat named Shane from the Broome County Humane Society and we couldn't be happier.

He has a grey brother named Quinn. The way I remember their names is BS (black Shane) and GQ (grey Quinn).

Shane has brought much joy to everyone especially my daughter, Tara. When she walks into a room, I usually can find Shane right behind her. I think Tara is a cat whisperer.

Here's something I just found out. According to the ASPCA, Black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters across the US. Since today (9/17) is National Black Cat Day, here are some paw-some things about Shane and other black cats.

They are considered good luck in some countries. In Great Britain, black cats are thought to bring good luck. In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from the right, it is said to bring prosperity.

Looking for love? Surround yourself with black cats. In Japan, women are encouraged to own a black cat to increase their chance of romance. They can be your wingcat. See being a (black) cat lady, can be good.

Black cats have magical color-shifting powers....Sort of.  They have a special pigment called melanin in their fur. When they are out in the sun, may black cats will turn dark brown for a little while. It looks like they are "rusting."

I noticed that with Shane when he was sitting on the window sill. I thought it was my eyes. We think Shane is meow-nificent.

If you'd like to find out more about adopting cats of any color (and dogs) from the Broome Humane Society, go here.

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