Remember a couple of months ago when there were a bunch of people breaking into cars and stealing things in Broome County?  Those people were caught, but if this finds its way to our area, we might not be as lucky.

Super sneaky thieves have figured out a way to break into your car that doesn't involve smashing a window or picking a lock.

These thieves are using some sort of mystery device that lets them open the door and help themselves to what's inside. It's a mystery device because no one, not even cops or auto manufacturers know what it is. How scary is that?

Surveillance footage of break-ins have shown the bad guys walking right up to a car and simply opening the door as if it had been left unlocked. Authorities think the device they're using gets them into newer cars with the keyless entry system.

These thefts are expected to become a more widespread problem, so be careful. Make sure that you take anything of value out of your car!

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