As the COVID-19 vaccines becomes more common many workers are wondering if their employers will make it a requirement.

The time that many of us have thought about since about mid April is here. The United States now has an approved vaccine for COVID-19. According to the New York Times, the coronavirus has taken the lives of roughly 35,000 people in New York state alone and about 317,000 throughout the entire country.

Both Pfiezer and Morderna have approved vaccines for the coronavirus.

Though many people are happy that a vaccine has arrived there are several people who are skeptical to take it so quickly. Operation Warp Speed has brought the fastest vaccine in United States history. According to Nautilus, the quickest vaccine ever created before now was the Mumps vaccine in the 1960s which took about 4 years.

Could your employer make you get a vaccine before entering the workplace?

According to CBS News, new guidance set by the EEOC can allow employers to mandate employees get a COVID vaccination before entering the workplace. Most workplaces cannot require a medical examination but a vaccination is not considered an exam. There are exemptions to the vaccine such as religious beliefs and disabilities. In those cases the employer should make accommodations such as let them work from home or require them to wear a mask while at the office.

Do you believe your employer will require you to get a COVID vaccination?

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