I am just so over the whole Karen bashing thing. Do we have to attach a name to a person who acts like a jerk? Why can’t we just call out a jerk by saying they’re acting like a jerk instead of skirting around calling out bad behavior by using the word “Karen?”

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I have an aunt named Karen. She is not a Karen. She is kind and loving. I have several friends named Karen and I would not be friends with them if they exhibited judgemental, hypercritical behavior, the kind that people like to refer to as acting like a “Karen.”

With that said, I bet you can imagine how I feel about the company looking to hire a “Karen.” Yes, the job listing literally reads, “Calling all Karens!” What is a Karen and what does Dehumidifier Critic want with one? The job description reads,

Do you think of yourself as a critic with impeccable taste, who is not afraid to express your feelings, opinions, and judgments? If you speak English fluently and write it well, have fantastic customer service skills (an awesome telephone voice is also desirable!) and enough room at home to test out some brilliant products, then you could be DehumidifierCritic.com’s resident ‘Karen’. We are recruiting a woman to write three (honest) reviews a week for our website, as well as be the voice and authority behind our Call-A-Karen service, which will see potential customers call for advice and recommendations on products.

Ugh. I so hate this. I mean, the job sounds manageable enough, but the job name, does it really have to be dubbed the "Karen?" If you can get past the awful job name, the pay is pretty decent. How much? $65 per hour and you'll be working remotely.

If you're looking for a job and can get past the offensive job title, maybe apply here.

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