The Hawk Morning Show relies on Mister Koffee coffee to get us through the show and we want to thank them for helping us every morning. Speaking of coffee, this Sunday (9/29) is "National Coffee Day" and many restaurants are celebrating.

Traci has a great story on where you can find cheap and free coffee. Dunkin' wants you to celebrate by taking your favorite person there and treating them to coffee. They'll help by offering you a buy one hot coffee and get an equal cup for free.

So how much coffee do you drink a day? There's a study from the Mayo Clinic that says drinking four or more cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of dying from a list of diseases.

Wait, what? I have some questions about this.

Can I get a list of the diseases? If it's not a big one it might be worth it.

Will the liability insurance premiums at my favorite coffee place go up?  They wouldn't raise coffee prices because of that right.....Right?

I decided to drink less cupsNot less coffee, I use bigger cups now.

This is about me making a choice, so do I choose to drink less coffee or do I choose to read less studies? I think that's an easy choice. 

There are conflicting stories on whether it's good or bad, so I say drink away. They can take my coffee when they pry it from cold, dead hands....Okay, that's a bit dramatic!

Happy Coffee Day to all, ya'll.

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