My son knows that if he wakes up and mama is home from work that it must be the weekend (I leave for work when he's still asleep during the week) and that as soon as I crack open my eyes, I'm going to need coffee.

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It usually isn't an alarm or even the song of birds that wake me on the weekend. I usually wake to the sound of my five-year-old (after having spotted me in my bed) shouting, "Hurry dad-doe, me-moe needs coffee. Hurrrrrrrrry!"

I don't just need a healthy dose of coffee to give me the jolt my tired self needs to face the day. I need coffee because I love it, maybe more than is healthy, but I do. If you love coffee just as much as I do, today is our day my friend because today is International Coffee Day.

If you've been limiting your caffeine intake, today is the day to toss those limitations right out the window and treat yourself. These are just some of the places that will help you do that.


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