Broome County’s death toll from COVID-19 has now reached 500.

County officials March 31 reported one more death this week attributed to the pandemic while the number of those hospitalized was also up slightly.

None of the other Southern Tier counties have added to their COVID death tolls since March 14.


Meanwhile, New York State says it is scaling down its testing sites but keeping vaccine sites open as the fight against the pandemic enters its third year.

State Health Commissioner Doctor Mary Bassett says the use of at-home COVID tests is helping to curb the spread of the coronavirus so the state will be scaling back the number of testing sites. However, New York is keeping all 15 vaccine sites open, including a location at the former Davis College campus on Riverside Drive in Johnson City as vaccination and booster shots remain the best way to curb the spread of the virus and prevent serious illness, hospitalization or death.

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New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has announced her Binghamton and Utica District Offices have COVID-19 home tests available for non-profits and local governments who need them.

The Republican’s office has received a limited supply from New York State for distribution to organizations that work closely with vulnerable populations and are in need of tests.

In the Binghamton area, agencies can call Tenney’s Broome County office at 607-242-0200.

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