Broome County is on a mission to help residents live healthier and safer lives through its "Healthy Homes" initiative. This program is all about making sure that our homes are free from environmental hazards that could affect our well-being.

What Does the Program Offer?

The Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) is at the heart of this initiative. They offer free in-home safety visits to help residents identify and fix issues such as indoor air quality concerns, lead-based paint risks, fire hazards, slippery floors, and pest problems. If you live in Broome County, you can ask for a free home safety check by calling 607-778-2847. They provide informative materials, lead testing, training on how to handle lead safely, and even supplies to make your home lead-safe.

Focusing on Lead Hazards

Lead can be harmful, especially if in the paint of older homes. The Broome County Health Department is here to help property owners and tenants identify any lead hazards in their homes and guide them on how to deal with them. They also offer financial assistance to fix lead paint issues. Through training and resources, the community is learning how to handle lead safely and protect those most at risk, like children.

 Taking on Home Environment Challenges

The department is ready to help with all sorts of home environment challenges. They have you covered from advice on improving air quality to tips on tackling mold and radon testing. They to any lead exposure cases, offer advice on fixing issues, and support healthcare providers in addressing lead-related concerns.

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Broome County Health Department is working to create safer and healthier homes for everyone by teaming up with contractors, lead experts, and the community. Through education, outreach, and programs like Healthy Homes, they're working hard to make sure that all residents can live in a healthy and happy environment.

If you'd like to schedule a free home safety survey, call 607-778-2847 for more information.

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