We all know that you can't pass a stopped school bus when its bright red flashing lights are on. What you might not know is that there are over 300 school buses in Broome County that have safety cameras installed.

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Broome County and Verra Mobility got together to provide stop-arm safety cameras that operate when the school bus stop arm is extended and the lights are flashing. The program started in June 2021 and has over 2,250 violations in less than a year.

Fines For Passing School Bus While Stop Arm Is Extended

The fine for a first offense is $250, $275 for the second within 18 months, and $300 for a subsequent offense in 18 months. The registered owner will be the one who gets the notice in the mail.

Maybe a friend or family member borrowed your vehicle so you didn't even know about the violation. In a world where everything seems to be a scam, you might think that this is one as well.

To add to the matter, when you are looking at your Notice of Liability, you also observe an out-of-state address on it.

Notice Of Liability With An Out-Of-State Address

The Broome County Office of Emergency Services wants you to know that it is real. The address that is being used is from Verra Mobility. So if you owe, then don't delay or fail to respond because that will only get you a late fee and add to your frustration.

If you don't agree with your School Bus Stop-Arm Notice of Liability and want to dispute it, go here to find out what to do next.

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