I heard about this group about a month ago and while I was on vacation, I was proud to help out this group and what they want to do in our area. It's Broome County Clean Up Crew (BCCC).

They are an all volunteer nonprofit organization located in Binghamton. They have weekly community cleanups/beautification efforts throughout Broome County.

Their goal is to provide an outlet for community members to give back in a positive way, while cleaning up the streets to enhance the appearance of our town.

BCCC’s impact is more than just picking up trash. It is the practice of caring for humanity through kindness, community empowerment, and environmental awareness. It's amazing how many people that were walking by that would say "Thank You" and ask about the group.

Some even asked how they could get involved. Well here is the answer. Right now, they are meeting on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm in downtown Binghamton. Last week, we met in front of the Chatterbox on Main Street. However locations may vary depending on where they feel their efforts may benefit most.

Tools and supplies are and provided by BCCC to ensure a safe and effective beautification effort. They rely solely on fundraising and the support of local businesses to accommodate their expenses.

If your business in interested in donating to this group, contact Brianna Barnett at BroomeCountyCleanupCrew@gmail.com.

It only takes an hour or so every week, you'll meet new people and have a wonderful time helping to beautify our area. Every week they wear a different colored shirt. Go here to see the meeting location, shirt color and how you can help out this awesome organization.

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