This past December a terrible story broke about two beagles being thrown out of a moving SUV on Interstate 81. A truck driver claimed to have seen the awful display happen in front of him, according to NYS police.

This horrific story captured the hearts of many dog and animal lovers alike.

Now we are getting the happy ending we had all hoped for:

"Trooper" and "Adam" have finally found their forever home.

Their journey did not come with some complications as these doggo best friends had to be separated for treatment. "Trooper" even had to have his leg amputated.

The canine companions will reside in Earlville, NY according to WBNG. Over 100 applicants were combed through and Connie and Roger Miller were chosen as the dogs' new parents.

To donate to the Broome County Human Society click here. Your donations make amazing stories like this happen.

[via WBNG]

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