The last time that anyone laid eyes on Brianna Vibert was during the early morning hours of July 15, 2017. Brianna has not been seen since.

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At 1:00 a.m., security cameras at a Marathon gas station in Flint, Michigan spotted Brianna slipping into a red Pontiac Aztek driven by an unknown man. At 2:45 a.m., cameras caught Brianna at a Mobile gas station, also in Flint. The gas station cameras showed that she was alone however, it appeared that one of her arms was bleeding and that she had a panicked look on her face as she stumbled around the store before exiting.

Then, Brianna simply vanished into thin air.

Interestingly, several days after the last sighting of Brianna, police located the Aztek, and inside was Brianna's phone. Her purse was found in a ditch not far from her home. Authorities have never released the name of the man who owned the Aztek but say that he fully cooperated with them and has never been a suspect.

Adopted into a family from Sidney, New York at the age of three, Brianna lived with her first adoptive family from the age of three until she was 16. Brianna needed to leave her first adoptive family and after she did, she was adopted by Bobbi Jo Stone who is the one who took Brianna to Michigan where they settled down in Birch Run.

via Help Find Brianna Jayde Vibert Facebook
via Help Find Brianna Jayde Vibert Facebook

Brianna was only 24-years-old when she vanished on July 15, 2017, leaving behind four children, an ex-husband, and a boyfriend. Today, Brianna would be 29-years-old. Brianna has red hair and brown eyes. She weighs approximately 120 pounds and stands 5'9" tall. Brianna was last seen wearing flip-flops, black leggings, and a cream-colored shirt. She has several tattoos including one of a feather, and the words "Savannah," "Maddox," and "Family."

Anyone who knows anything about the disappearance of Brianna Vibert is asked to contact the Flint Township Police Department at 1-810-600-3250.

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