A sure sign that Autumn is right around the corner is when pumpkin flavored everything starts showing up in stores. I'm pretty sure you can get pumpkin flavored toothpaste and even toilet paper in the fall.

I love Kit Kats and I like pumpkin flavored things, so when I saw this news I got pretty excited and decided I would share it.

According to Yahoo, Hershey's it's starting to distribute Kit Kat Pumpkin Pie Miniatures. They say they will be available in stores starting tomorrow, August 1st.

According to Yahoo, Hershey's released the candy in 2017 at a single retailer. They must have been well received because this year, they are going to be sold across the country.

Hershey's is also going to be releasing special candies and candy with special wrapping for Halloween. Click here to get more information on that.

I will definitely have to hit up a store in downtown Binghamton tomorrow and check out one of these pumpkin spice flavored Kit Kat bars.

[via Yahoo]

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