The Brad Pitt Oscar campaign is going extremely, charmingly, handsomely well. Pitt’s been popping up at awards ceremonies to pick up Best Supporting Actor prizes — or in some cases to present awards to his colleagues from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — and pretty much every speech he’s given has been hilarious. On Tuesday night, he presented Quentin Tarantino with his Best Screenplay award from the New York Film Critics Circle. In doing so, he coined the phrase “iambic quentameter” to describe Tarantino’s distinctive dialogue — a term so clever I’m honestly furious I didn’t think of it.

Then last night at the National Board of Review awards, Pitt got his own prize, for Best Supporting Actor, and dropped a hilarious line stating that his life goals right now are “simple.” They are...

Be happy, stay healthy and not get into a financial situation where I have to do Oceans 14. We’ll see.

Oh, poor George Clooney. I thought they were bros! This is such a burn. This may also explain why Pitt did not make a cameo in Ocean’s 8, the 2018 spinoff of the Ocean’s franchise, which featured appearances by Elliott Gould and Qin Shaobo reprising their characters from Steven Soderbergh’s heist-film trilogy.

All three Ocean‘s were money makers, all were directed by Soderbergh, all featured the same core cast, all seemed like a pretty enjoyable time, but perhaps they didn’t ask much of Pitt, who seems to be reveling in his creative freedom of late. He was awesome in those movies, but they didn’t ask much of him beyond looking extremely handsome while constantly eating and standing next to Clooney.

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