Perusing the internets has got me all fired up to spend money on schtuff I don't need. You and I have already talked about parents out there that buy everything on their kids Christmas list, and about the "4 Gift Rule" that I think is amazing. You may have to fulfill some lists of more than just your own children. We're talking gifts for your husband or wife and family... and that's where Black Friday Deals come into play!

These stores choose some product that usually has a enormous mark up and decides to make less on them. Lets say that TV your hubby wants is usually around $2,000. On Black Friday, You may pay $1000. Why? The department stores decided that instead of charging a 200% profit margin on the TV, they would cut that in half and only 100%. Which sounds ridiculous... but its the truth.

So if you're a fan of not handing over free money to a department store... here's some early leaked/posted Black Friday Deals!

Pre Black Friday:





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