I have to admit that I'm absolutely loving that Amazon decided to push its Prime Day to October this year to help launch the 2020 holiday shopping more than a month early.

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While many think that Amazon decided to host Prime Day on the 13th and 14th of this month to nudge the holiday shopping season to a start, that isn't really what happened (although it's lead to that). In reality, Amazon was so overwhelmed with orders this summer (which is when Prime Day generally falls) because everyone was shopping online during the height of the coronavirus pandemic that it simply didn't have the staffing necessary to add Prime Day to the madness.

I love that Prime Day is in October because it is forcing other retailers, both big and small, to start the holiday shopping season early. The season usually begins the last week of November, leaving less than a month for consumers to figure out how to buy things within their budget.

2020 has taught us a bunch of things, but a universal lesson has been the importance of budgeting since having a job tomorrow isn't a promise. Now that the holiday shopping season has kicked off, we have eleven weeks to budget, save, and shop.

Today is the second day of Amazon Prime Day and the hunt continues for amazing bargains for my little boy. If you have a child who is grade school age and want to give them the gift of fun and learning, this Christmas (because honestly, anything that offers both is a Godsend for those of us educating our kids at home), I've found some Prime Day deals that you might want to check out.

My son is five and has this. It's literally his favorite thing in the entire world to play with. I'm 40 and my husband is 32. This is literally our favorite thing to play with, too.

Here are some other fun (and education) things you'll save big on that I bet your kids will love:

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