If you frequent Downtown Binghamton or any Binghamton Barbarians Rugby Club games you've seen him.

He's the guy who rocks the glorious facial hair, pastel colors, and is continually tanning his thighs.

He's the man serving up delicious munchies and cold brews at The Colonial all week long.

You may ask yourself "Who is that man with the illustrious mustache and why are his shorts so short?"

His name is Marc "Stache" Yezzi and he needs your help to fulfill his lifelong dream: getting paid to wear some rad short shorts.

Marc Yezzi is currently campaigning to score a pretty sweet deal with the lifestyle clothing company Chubbies. Chubbies is known for their creative shorts, stellar shirts, and overall fun clothing brand.



Marc is currently residing in the Top 20 of a worldwide search for Chubbie's next "Man Model." Yezzi is close to finishing in the Top 10, and if he wins, he'll receive a modeling contract and a massive supply of short shorts. He'll also get to travel the world and bestow his 'stache on the masses. You can vote for Marc "Stache" Yezzi simply by clicking here.


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Yezzi says hes just a kid from a small town trying to make it big.

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