Is it your turn to cook at your house before the Big Game on Sunday? Traci has some awesome Big Game Bites or maybe you're like me and only cook once a year. Here are some ways to make it look like you worked hard...without all the effort.

Fake it, don't make it: You can find already-made food and hors d'oeuvres in the frozen food aisle. You can grab some ice cream too.

Popcorn by the gallon: It's already popped and you can get a can of the 3 flavored stuff. Keep in the kitchen and when it's time for the snacks,"ta da" here comes the popcorn. Do not, I repeat DO NOT have a popcorn station.

Anything on a cracker: Find some leftovers in the fridge, add a pepperoni slice and add a cracker on each side. They won't know and and won't care if you add a 6 pack.

Warming lights: A great investment, especially if you throw a lot of parties. It keeps everything hot for hours and fries stay crisp and it over-melts the cheese. Also it's great if you ever decide to raise little chicks.

Potluck Party: Have everyone bring something. The best part....No one knows that you didn't make anything. You don't spend any money and you could have leftovers for weeks.

As always, this advice is worth what you paid for it, so if it doesn't work for you, you're on your own.

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