This morning Binghamton and surrounding areas were greeted by a very pungent stench, that actually caused me to awake from a very nice slumber. Glenn and Traci tried to do some detective work this morning to see what the smell was cause by, but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

It did however spark and interesting conversation.

Glenn said anytime he smells the stench of manure he instantly thinks of his childhood. He instantly remembers growing up and the great memories that came from growing up near a farm.

The smell of a gym reminds me of the long days as a child waiting for my next wrestling match with my mom and dad. The smell of those Sunkist gummy fruit candies puts me back in my grandmothers living room digging through her candy dish or at the Boscov’s candy department picking out the best looking gummies.

I had to ask our listeners what smells send them back in time.

One woman called and said vinegar gives her vivid memories of her grandmother’s house. The smell reminds her of dying Easter eggs with vinegar dye and her father loading up his boiled dinner with vinegar.

Another caller said anytime he smells fresh cut grass he remembers his father. His father would take the family to the golf course to cut grass, change holes, and have fun.

What kind of smells send you back to a certain moment in time?

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