With everything going on around us, it's hard not to feel anxious. Coronavirus cases are going up, Parents are uncertain about what is going to happen with the upcoming school year, and don't forget about the "peaceful" protests that are taking place in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago.

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There is something about anxiety that is hard to shake. Anxiety can be a feeling that just won't go away, like a cold that just lingers. Want to feel less anxious? Try checking the news and THEN TURNING IT OFF!

They aren't informing you, they want to engage with you. Same for Facebook. Are you anxious? Here are some of the signs:

You find yourself snapping at the small stuff. Things that you never gave a second thought, are now the only thing that's on your mind.

You avoid making plans for the future. It's harder to make plans now anyway because of all the travel restrictions. That list changes every day...and not for the better.

You find yourself "zoning out" more often and you have trouble concentrating. You ask someone a question then you don't remember their reply. You have a conversation and a half-hour later, you can't remember what you talked about.

You are super-sensitive to noise. You hear cars driving by in the road or the downstairs clock that you've had for years is suddenly "tick-tocking" LOUDER THAN EVER!

You find yourself pacing back and forth and you can't sit still. You try to take a moment for yourself but it's only a for a moment and your mind starts racing. You can't relax...for long.

How many things did you check off? None, then ask this important question. Do you know someone that seems to be showing these signs? Check up on them, let them know you care.

It's amazing that if you do something nice for someone else, that it helps you feel less anxious. It's a win-win.

Don't do life alone, we weren't created that way.

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