If after reading this, you decide to shove your bathing suit back into the bottom drawer instead of hitting the pool, you can blame the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, I think you'll agree that when it comes to health and safety issues, it's better to be informed than unaware.

So, here we go with the news that might make you squirm a bit... the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inspected 48,632 public swimming facilities. Included in the inspection where pools, hot tubs, and water parks and what the CDC found is that 80 percent of the almost 50,000 public swimming facilities that they inspected had at least one health code violation, violations which ranged from dangerous levels of disinfectant to safety problems with equipment to and harmful pH levels.

In other words, this means a whole bunch of skin and eye irritation and infections were found to be floating around. Not included in the facilities testing? The number of people who relieve themselves in the water at these facilities.

The CDC says they didn't release their findings to be kill-joys, but rather to help people be more aware of the conditions in which they're swimming. It certainly gets you thinking, doesn't it? That backyard pool is starting to sound better and better!

[via CDC]

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