With the Labor Day holiday coming up on Monday, the Centers for Disease Control is issuing warnings to unvaccinated New York residents. People who are still unvaccinated should avoid traveling during the holiday, one of the last chances to get out for a weekend getaway before summer ends and school begins. Yesterday, August 31, the Director of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Paula Walensky, held a press event outlining concern over the further spread of COVID-19, including by and to unvaccinated people moving around the state and the country.  During the press event, a reporter, Zeke Miller with the Associated Press, asked about travel guidelines issued by United States' national public health agency,

We have actually articulated that people who are fully vaccinated and who are wearing masks can travel.  Although given where we are with disease transmission right now, we would say that people need to take their own — these risks into their own consideration as they think about traveling. First and foremost, if you are unvaccinated, we would recommend not traveling.

Dr. Walensky also suggests that vaccinated people should avoid gathering indoors with unvaccinated people during the holiday,

First, if gathering with family and friends, remember that spending time outside with others who are vaccinated will help to prevent transmission.  Throughout the pandemic, we have seen that the vast majority of transmission takes place among unvaccinated people in closed, indoor settings.

New York State also announced yesterday that is looking into making further vaccination mandates where it has control.  The State has already mandated that the people below get vaccinated.  Yesterday, August 31, Governor Kathy Hochul's Office issued a press release stating that it plans to add another vaccination mandate,

The state health department and the Public Health and Health Planning Council in the days ahead to put in place mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for unvaccinated public and charter school employees, and to establish a vaccination requirement for all staff at state-regulated facilities and congregate settings.

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New York State is Mandating That All These People Take the Vaccine [List]

Here is a list of all the professions and people that New York State is requiring to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
- Prior to leaving office, Governor Cuomo announced on August 16, that all healthcare professionals must get vaccinated.
- Governor Cuomo announced that every New York State employee must get vaccinated.
- CUNY and SUNY students must be vaccinated in order to attend in-person classes.
- New York City residents who want to enjoy indoor, public activities, including dining, entertainment and fitness.
- All school personnel
- All active-duty and reserve military members (not directly mandate through NYS, but affects members of the military in the state).

If you live in New York State and would like to get the vaccine, you can get more information here.

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