Let’s face it, most humans are hardwired to crave social interaction. Now, from person to person, the kind of interaction someone may want will change.

Some people prefer more… physical accompaniment, others like just a nice conversation over a warm drink.

However, with the modern age, now people can have interactions without even leaving their home! With cell phones, social media and the internet, anyone can befriend and contact anyone else, save they share access to at least one of these modern technologies. But is it a good substitution for face-to-face interaction?

Simply enough, it depends on the person. I’ve met people that thrive in the spotlight, moving from stranger to stranger and being the life of the party when in person. However, I also know people who cannot bring themselves to talk to strangers, but will not stop talking when around close friends or in a digital setting. As well, for people I know with some mental illnesses and traumas, they have an incredibly hard time in any kind of social situation, especially involving people they don’t trust and know personally.

However, for these sorts of people, online interactions actually help them out. Without the pressure of a person being there and can physically hurt or touch them, it’s more relaxing and feels safer. As well, it gives the person more of a feeling of control, as they can leave the situation and block the other person if they so choose; something much harder to do to someone potentially dangerous sitting next to you.

But on the other side of the coin, this kind of interaction still means that a person is being inactive, staying in a single spot most of the time and not moving from it. While it’s a safer and sometimes more comfortable option, it lacks many of the physical benefits of being out of a house, such as the assurance of a friendly touch or the healthy glow of the sun on the skin.

All in all, whichever works best is dependent on each person. While a personal interaction has a lot of benefits, it can also come with dangers; whether actually an issue or just a worry for some people, it’s hard to say. But hey, whichever works for someone, either way it’s good for a person’s mental health!​

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