In a shocking incident that has raised concerns for both animal welfare and public safety, thousands of minks have been released from a fur farm in central Pennsylvania.

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The incident occurred when holes were cut in a farm's fence, allowing approximately 6,000 to 8,000 minks to escape into the surrounding area.

Pennsylvania State Police have reported that the minks escaped from the Richard H. Stahl Sons Incorporated fur farm, located in Rockefeller Township near Sunbury which is a little over an hour from Wilkes-Barre.

The daring act of cutting holes in the farm's fence took place between midnight and 6:50 a.m. on Sunday, leaving authorities scrambling to manage the situation.

Several minks have already been found dead along the roadway near the fur farm, presumably as a result of being hit by passing vehicles. The situation has raised a wave of concern among local residents and animal welfare advocates.

Social media posts have described the dire condition of the minks that are still roaming free, expressing grief for these captive-born animals now facing unfamiliar threats and potential starvation.

State police, along with farm staff from various state agencies, are actively involved in the ongoing operation to capture the escaped minks. However, this task is proving to be challenging due to the minks' aggressive nature and their ability to adapt to outdoor environments.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has issued guidelines to help residents respond appropriately to encountering a mink. They advise against attempting to trap or catch the animals, as it may result in bites, attacks, and the spread of diseases. Instead, residents are encouraged to report sightings to the Sunbury Animal Hospital or the Game Commission for proper assistance.

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